About Us

More Than A Boutique In 2019, a mother and daughter dreamed together and decided to take a leap of faith in building something that would give them purpose. Eternity Boutique was born from their love of fashion, but the heart behind the mission is where this boutique stands out from the rest.

At Eternity Boutique, we believe that every person has a story, and every story matters. We believe in hope for everyone and that we all can live in eternity together with Christ. We believe that no person is too broken or too messy. We believe there is a place and a purpose for everyone in this world. And because of this we have decided to donate 50% of proceeds to Camp Agape California, a camp to support and help children whose parents have been incarcerated.

To learn more visit Camp Agape CaliforniaOur vision for our brand is that, as the shopper, you feel confident and comfortable in our styles.
We want you to own pieces that you love, that stand out and feel unique to you!